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Price:  7,999/-

Shresht UF, This model is also used where municipal water is used. This model comes with storage tank capacity of 7 liters & has a futuristic wall mountable design with transparent cover, best fit for Indian kitchens.

  • Gravity based and Wall mountable model
  • 4 Stages of Purification
  • Have 7 liters storage capacity
  • Purification capacity of 10 - 12 LPH
  • Suitable for water up to 500 PPM TDS

Suitable for water from Muncipal taps

It is preferable especially where water tankers and municipal taps are in use. Can only be used where raw water having TDS level lesser than 500 PPM.

LPC+ Technology

LPC+ technology prevents loose connections in the piping. giving longer life, fewer maintenance cycles and replacements.

4 Stage RO Purification System

Our 4 stage UF purification system excels at the clarification of solutions containing suspended solids, bacteria, and high concentrations of macromolecules, including oil and water, fruit juice, milk and whey, electro coat paints, pharmaceuticals, poly-vinyl alcohol and indigo, potable water, and tertiary wastewater.

NSF Certified Spares

Shresht RO water purifier's use NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation), certified spares, the Public Health and Safety Organization based in USA. This most accredited certification assurance that the products have been rigorously tested and comply with all the requirements of the testing standards.

Futuristic design for modern homes

Shresht MINI has a futuristic design ideal for modern kitchens. It can be wall mounted, thereby saving space and provides convenience while drawing water.

Leak-proof performance that uses Push-fit components

All the fittings and components in the purifier are push (snap) fit to prevent leakages and wastage of water. Additional protection against leakages is built-in by using rubber O-Rings inside the push-fit fittings.

Food grade, non-breakable, ABS plastic construction

Non-breakable feature of ABS plastic ensures higher durability & longer life of the purifier. Food grade classification ensures that no harmful chemicals leech into purified water.

Purified water storage capacity of 7 liters

Shresht UF has 7 liters of purified water storage capacity. The storage tank ensures continuous supply of purified water.

Transparent cover with Water Level Indicator

Shresht UF has a futuristic wall mountable design with transparent cover, best fit for Indian kitchens. It saves expensive counter space and provides convenience while drawing water. Also the storage tank has a unique water level indicator that shows the level of water in it.

1. Model Name Shresht UF
2. Purifying Technology UF
3. Membrane UF Membrane
4. Filtration Stages 4
5. Product Capacity (LPH) 10 - 12
6. Reservoir Tank Capacity (Ltrs) N/A
7. TDS Reduction in % (approx) 80 - 90
8. Duty Cycle (Hrs) 24
9. Unit Dimension (L*B*H) in mm 290 x 95 x 390
10. Unit Weight (approx) in Kg 8
11. Power reading in Watts 28